Services of the Employment Agency and Employee Leasing

If you are struggling with staff shortages in your company, familiarize yourself with the employee leasing offer! Acquiring employees has never been so easy. Try a flexible contract with two weeks’ notice period and grow your business with us.

We would like to offer you services included: Outsourcing or leasing of employees from non-EU countries. They are coming from Asian and African countries like: Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, India, Nepal as well as Russian speaking: Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Our employees willingly performing civil and physical works. They are able to speak fluently English or Russian, depends on country of origin. It makes them communicative in most of companies environments, which allow them to perform task smoothly.

Cost of those services is calculated very transparently. Total number of hours made by employees will be multiplied by fixed cost rate, which depends from many factors like: place of work, requirements for employees, and level of difficulty of work. In case of being interested please contact us. We will estimate the cost rate for your company individually!

Pros of employees outsourcing:

  • Lack of responsibility of work and residence legal compliance (all responsibility on agency side)
  • Lack of work and residence legalization costs
  • Minimalizing of staff and payroll costs
  • Flexibility that is a result of smooth exit strategy, especially comparing to cost of termination contracts based on labor code
  • Working time flexibility (employees are ready to work from 6 to 12 hours per day)

We would like to propose flexible contract without expiration date with two weeks’ notice period.  Moreover it is possible to resign from particular employees in case of not sufficient work effort. We allow to sing contract directly with selected workers in case of every party common agreement, including fee established in the contract.   

In case of being interested please contact us to get details. 

If employee leasing is too expensive for you company we can provide proper workers directly from abroad.  It is common solution to gain well qualified workers like cheffs, IT developers, electricians, etc. with reasonable cost. 

Depending on the complexity of the recruitment process, the fees for consultancy services in the area of recruitment start at PLN 1500 gross, the success fee, that is, the fee after bringing the worker and working out the agreed period of time.Cost depends from complexity of recruitment process. The minimal cost of those services starts from 1500 zł gross success fee which means that fee will be paid after successful employees arrival and execution of part of employment contract. 

If you already found potential non-EU worker but bureaucracy seems to be too complicated you should contact with us! We provide services of legalization foreigners employment.

Costof those services starts from 500 zł gross fee.

Besides emploees leasing we offer headhunting services which is searching for proper foreigner workers including their work and residence legalization. Please contact us to estimate cost of this service. 

Polish labur market is one of the most developing markets at all. Poland – member of European Union, member of Schengen area begins to be a very interesting emigration direction. Legal requirements for candidates are common like in others EU members – Visa issued on work permit basis. Salary which is achievable for non-skilled worker starts from 2800 PLN gross which is approx. 650 EUR monthly.

Agencies interested for cooperation are welcome. Please contact us via e-mail:

Scope of trainings: Position training, Health and Safety trainings, polish work culture training etc.

We provide training for managers who deals with foreign employees. Training includes aspects of their work culture from country of origin.